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My Baking Journey

Food, especially Sweets, has always been part of my life, whether it was making a single bowl of cookie dough just for myself or trying new recipes and techniques. You could always find me in the kitchen or reading the millionth cookbook. Food is my love language and now I literally get to "play with food" for a living! Not only that I get to share my joy, excitement and love with all you amazing people.

I studied and trained at the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) in NYC and graduated as a Pastry Chef. I had the honor to Intern alongside Kate Sullivan the genius and artist behind Cake Power, she has won and judged many cake competitions. I am now bringing back the skills and knowledge I gained to Omaha and the Midwest.


With me as your cake designer you'll have the Midwest charm and dedication, along with the beauty, elegance and modern influence of NYC. I have never thought of myself as an artist before but for some reason when it comes to designing cakes, it just clicks for me!  From the beginning idea to the final design that is now a centerpiece for your Wedding or Event I have poured myself and love into each bit. Not only will your cake be unique to you, but also the most delicious slice of "Art You Can Eat" you've ever had! 

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